How I work

I adapt my therapeutic approach to suit the particular needs of each person I work with. My respect for psychological defences means I aim to work at a level that allows each person to integrate what is being explored. Such exploration happens by enquiring into what is happening in the present moment of that person’s life that is causing him/ her distress, the past being relevant only if it impacts on the present.

I attend regular psychotherapy supervision with a senior psychotherapist in the profession, with whom I review my case work. Client confidentiality is maintained at all times. Ongoing regular supervision is considered good practice & is a requirement for IAHIP accreditation.

I have a particular interest in working from a relational perspective as many people have been wounded in relationship & it is only in a supportive & empathic relationship that healing is possible.

For example people can have a mistrust of other people & this protects them from disappointment but also from intimacy, which they are also seeking. When they meet someone new, instead of being open to what is there, they tend to focus instead on what might be untrustworthy and exaggerate this. They then go about their lives feeling lonely & wondering why they cannot connect with others. In the therapeutic relationship they can start to become aware of how they are constructing reality and with support begin to open themselves up to experiencing something new. This can then be taken beyond the therapeutic relationship into other relationships in their lives.

Within each one of us there is a part that pushes to grow beyond restriction & so we find ourselves returning to the same places again & again seeking change until there is enough support for change to occur.