Professional Background

I started my professional life working in neurosurgery as a general nurse in Dublin and progressed from there to the field of mental health nursing in London. Following my interest in therapy I then trained as a counsellor with the Central School of Counselling & Therapy in England. My first job as a counsellor was with Dementia Care Trust in Bristol establishing a counselling service for people with family members suffering from dementia.

My career then moved in the direction of education and training. For a number of years I designed and delivered courses for health care professionals in RehabCare on topics like bereavement, suicide ideation, depression, anxiety and psychosis.

In 2008 I began five year training course as a psychotherapist with the Irish Gestalt Centre  During that time I worked as a trainee psychotherapist in the Student Counselling Service at the University of Limerick helping students address a range of problems from depression to anxiety to sexual abuse and eating disorders. After graduating, I worked for two years as an Intern with Oakwood Psychotherapy and Counselling Service.

I have since set up a private practice in Stonehaven Psychotherapy Centre, received the European Certificate of Psychotherapy in 2018 and in 2020 graduated with an MA in Psychotherapy from the Institute of Technology Carlow. I am also a member of Irish Council for Psychotherapy.    

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